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When a loved one dies in the Netherlands or abroad and is repatriated via Schiphol Airport.

What happens to my deceased loved one after I have said farewell?

After you have said farewell to your loved one, the coffin will be closed by an authorised staff member. The coffin with your loved one will be transported to the Schiphol Airport Mortuary in a specially equipped hearse. The staff of the Schiphol Airport Mortuary will hand over the coffin with your loved one to the staff of the service provider or airline, who will transfer the coffin to the plane and place it in the cargo hold.

Will the coffin be placed in a refrigerated room at the airport?

Yes, when there is any waiting time between arrival at Mortuary Schiphol and the departure time of the plane, the coffin with your loved one will be placed in a refrigerated room.

Is there a special refrigerator on board the plane?

There is no need for refrigeration on board the plane. The cargo hold is so cold that mechanical refrigeration is not necessary.

Can you also transfer deceased people to and from Schiphol at night?

Yes, our staff are present at the Schiphol Airport Mortuary 24/7, so we can transfer a deceased person at any time.

Will I be travelling on board the same plane as my deceased loved one?

Yes, your wishes will be taken into account as much as possible when we book the flight. We will make every effort to ensure that relatives are seated on the flight on which their deceased loved one is transferred. However, we cannot guarantee this.

Can the deceased be laid out in a funeral home located close to where I live?

Yes, that is possible. It is best to arrange this with the funeral company of your choice.

Can you organise a farewell or funeral service abroad?

If you wish to hold a farewell or funeral service in the country of destination, we can engage a local funeral company to arrange the funeral for you.

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