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Arrahil is the first Islamic funeral company in the Netherlands and has over 25 years of experience with repatriating deceased persons. Since April 2018, Arrahil is part of Post Mortem Repatriation (PMR). Post Mortem Repatriation is committed to the same goal as Arrahil: to professionally support relatives so that they can focus on mourning for their beloved.

We are available and deployable 24/7. Arrahil has facilities available throughout the Netherlands for washing the deceased and conducting Islamic rituals. We are happy to assist you in Dutch, English, French or Arabic (North-African and Middle-Eastern dialect).

We arrange it for you

At Arrahil Islamic Funeral, we put the interests of the bereaved first. Our goal is to take a burden off their shoulders. We provide a dignified Islamic funeral for the deceased in accordance with the dictates of our faith.

When a loved one dies, we also take care of the following for you:

  • Islamic washing
  • Obtaining official documents from the municipality and consulate
  • Transport of the deceased by air, train or car
  • Transfer of the deceased to the cemetery in their country of origin

Also thanks to our many years of experience and good contacts with all Arabic consulates in the Netherlands, these matters are handled quickly and meticulously.

Through the partnership with Post Mortem Repatriation (PMR), Arrahil will insha’Allah have a stable future.

Arrahil is not a funeral fund; Arrahil is funeral company you can rely on.


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