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Over 50 years of expertise in international funeral transport and repatriation

PMR provides international funeral transports both to and from the Netherlands. We are there for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Our team

From our emergency centre, we coordinate the repatriation by deploying specialists and resources worldwide. Our people are your point of contact and are constantly available.

We constantly stay in contact and consult with the specialists who handle the actual repatriation, including experts who provide care for the deceased, known as post-mortem care. And also with the driver of the hearse and the document handlers who take care of all the necessary paperwork, such as medical and consular formalities. In addition, we stay in close contact with our colleagues at the Schiphol Airport Mortuary.

Facilities for post-mortem care or rituals

PMR has a large network of mortuaries, which have facilities such as special rooms for ritual washing, mourning visits or caring for the deceased. These facilities are also offered at Schiphol Airport, where a mourning visit can be organised immediately after the arrival or shortly before the departure of your loved one.


Both PMR and Schiphol Airport Mortuary are Certified Air Cargo Security Consultants, which means we are authorised to conduct the required security checks ourselves. So you can rest assured that your deceased loved one is in safe hands during the entire repatriation. We transfer the deceased to the airline company and no other parties are involved in this transfer.

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