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At PMR, we take care of funeral transports all over the world, including all related aspects.

When a loved one dies, you have a lot to deal with. In those circumstances, you don’t want to be anxious about all the arrangements that need to be made for the funeral service. Especially not if your loved one died abroad or died in the Netherlands but wished to be buried abroad.

We will help you with the following aspects of the repatriation.


We take care of all legal, medical and consular formalities and the security checks.

Care for the deceased

PMR arranges and offers all facilities for the care of the deceased, known as post-mortem care, in accordance with the international regulations.


We handle the contacts with emergency centres, embassies, consulates and ministries, but also with insurance companies and service providers in the country of departure or destination.


We coordinate the transport of the deceased by car or plane, including the transfer to an international airport. We also take care of the transport of relatives or people escorting the deceased. Most of the vehicles in our specialised fleet have a special refrigeration system, so we can also transport the deceased over a long distance in a refrigerated vehicle.

Support for relatives

PMR supports, advises and assists relatives throughout the repatriation process. We are fully transparent about what we do and remain impartial in relation to the interests of other parties, including with respect to the arrangements for the funeral service. The relatives themselves select a funeral company that makes the funeral service arrangements.


PMR can arrange everything for you with respect to the funeral for the deceased in the Netherlands or abroad. We take into account your personal wishes and specific rituals on the basis of your personal preferences or religious beliefs.

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